I like flying, I find everything about it fascinating. The large and small airplanes, the varied flight paths they undertake.

The whole world of flying is very interesting.

It takes a long time to learn flying, you not only have to take lessons, but also have many hours of practice under your belt. This practice is often named as the most important thing of learning to fly, the lessons themselves will only get you so far.

When you have practiced for many hours, you can then think about what kind of flight paths you want to do. Some people plan out flight paths when they are still learning, and that is also ok, and often encouraged.

Some people fly flight paths that take a short time and some fly ones that take a long time, and even some that can be done in many discrete steps.

Sometimes the people that fly are not the ones that plan the flight paths, and in many circles this is the most common way of doing things.

It is important that when you have planned your flight path and actually started flying that you don’t stop abruptly. This could mean really bad things, but sometimes the airplanes are able to handle it. Oh how good they are.

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Thank you for reading my short article about flying.