I need to blog more, so here is my plan.

tl;dr I am going to write one post a day for all of December as a way to practice writing.

With Twitter slowly going down the tubes, I’ve been rethinking my social media use. I’ve tried Mastodon, Hive and others but I kept coming back to the same conclusion. I need to write more.

So I want to try an experiment. Write something everyday. I’ll use this blog as the platform and I need to write something about tech every day.

Starting December 1st 2022.


  • One post every day in December.
  • Each post has to be about tech/code in some way.
  • Each post has to be longer than 4 tweets. (1120 characters)
  • Posts don’t have to be revolutionary (this is a writing exercise, it’s ok to write a basic tutorial about if statements).
  • Posts have to be written that day, you can’t stock up.
  • Posts can be a continuation of Yesterday’s post (again, this is mainly a writing exercise).
  • No edits or people reviewing your drafts (writing exercise, etc)