I’ve been busy this year, let’s talk about that.

What is Blogvent? (tl;dr I am going to write one post a day for all of December as a way to practice writing.)

C++ Conferences

So I’ve been to a few conferences this year. I’d say the conference circuit year for me started a year ago when I did an online talk at CPPP and ended today when I did an online talk for Meeting C++ (same talk subject actually).

After all of these conferences I’ve been thinking, is this something I want to do? Do I want to continue writing talks and submitting to as many conferences as I can.

And after some thinking the answer is … it depends.

I do enjoy doing talks, I do enjoy (to a degree) the talk development process. But I think in the last year I pushed it too far. I created a few talks, submitted them everywhere. One talk included a lot of research into the subject matter, and I also did a lightning talk at all the conferences.

Working at that level is too much for me. I was looking at the other pros in the conference scene and trying to emulate a fraction of their power. It’s not for me.

So the idea is that I will still submit talks and I will try to do conferences, but only if I feel I really have something to talk about. But I will also not do as many in one year.

Today’s talk

Just a few minutes ago I finished a talk on WebAssembly and C++ at the Meeting C++ online meetup. Was quite a lovely experience and I got many good questions regarding how WebAssembly functions under the hood.

I do like giving back to the audience, so alongside the talk there is a code repo they can look at and as an extra twist for this talk, I wrote a very simple presentation system in Rust and WebAssembly and revealed that halfway through a WebAssembly talk that the talk itself is also written using WebAssembly.

This enabled fun interactions like showing the game the talk revolves around inside of the presentation itself, which is a lovely bonus.


You can checkout the repository here.


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